Most Powerful Parental Control App to Keep Your Children Safe Online.

The perfect Parental Control
for all your Android Devices Certified COPPA Compliant

The most advanced parental control for your family

Protect - Restrict - Limit - Block - Monitor - Control - Alert

Safety Features for children of all ages

Security for all children

Easy to manage your child's devices

Set instant rules for your child’s Android devices.

  • Lead through your own values

  • Teach time management

  • Real-time monitoring

Avoid risk of excessive phone usage

Prevent your child from RISKS.

  • Superior online supervision

  • Intuitive monitoring

  • Better usage reporting

Keep your Child Safe and secure

Choose to keep your child SAFE & SECURE.

  • Control the content your child is exposed to

  • Remove distractions at school and home

  • Create a a safe experience


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Don’t accept less protection for your child: your family deserves the best.

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