Web Control

Web control is one of the best features of Parental Values. As we know, today's kids are vulnerable to all sorts of easily accessible content on the web. We need a way to prevent them from seeing inappropriate content they might come across. This feature lets you control what your children search for on the internet or what websites they visit. Not just that, it will even show you how many times a website has been visited and how frequently your child spends time on that certain website. You will be in control of their web surfing activities

How does it work?

The Web Control feature is easy to customize. First, open the web control portal. From here you will be able to see which websites have been visited and what the visit frequency of those websites is. You will also be able to see the time at which your child accessed these websites.

Web filter


Web Activity

As depicted in the picture, you will be able to block a certain website by typing the complete URL in the empty field. Once you do, it will show up under the "Unblock" category list. This means this website has been blocked and you can unblock it whenever you wish to. The "keyword" field is a feature that lets you filter out all the inappropriate keywords from a website. You just have to type in your desired keyword and it will be filtered out from the website.


Since Parental Values really cares about your child's childhood, we have taken care of every detail and tried to cover the maximum features that could have been put in a single application.

The Web Control feature has much more to it than just blocking websites. We have integrated a feature that keeps track of how many times a website has been visited and how much time your child spent on that specific website. Not just that, you will be able to see the time and date as well on which that website was visited. You will have complete access to the web history of your child's cell phone.