Time Management

Time management is one of the main features of Parental Values. It helps you manage your kid's time according to their daily schedule. For instance, your kids can enjoy games and TV shows in their free time. However, as soon as their free time is up, they will have limited access to their phone. They will also be notified about the task that needs to be performed. This feature helps your kids become punctual and responsible.

How does it work?

The Time management portal comes with built-in recommendations. However, if you want to add something, you can do that as well. Our personal recommendations for time management include features like Bed time, Dinner time, Lunch time, Study time & Play time. Let's suppose you set lunch time for 1pm till 3pm. Your kids won't be able to access their device until that timer finishes. Same goes for every other category as well. This way your kids will follow the time schedule that you have created for them.

  • Go to the time management portal
  • Click on the relevant category that you need to set the timer for
  • Set the timer and you are good to go