Driving Safety

The name says it all. Speeding can be very common now a days especially in kids and teenagers. Keeping that in mind, we have introduced this feature. Driving Safety is for kids who are driving by themselves or even traveling in a taxi. This feature lets you set a speed limit to the vehicle they are traveling in. For instance, you have set the speed limit to 60Kmh, if your child manages to cross that limit, you will be notified immediately. This way, your kids will know their limits and won't speed or put their lives in danger.

How does it work?

We have built Driving Safety with user-friendly controls. As shown in the picture, go to the tab named "set speed limits". Here you will be able to set a speed limit so that whenever your kid crosses that limit, you will be automatically notified.


We know that kids aren't always honest about how fast they drive. Behavior like this can put their lives in danger. This is why Parental Values came up with the idea of Live Speedometer Tracking. The live speedometer feature was integrated so that parents can keep a live track on a vehicle's speed. No matter what vehicle your child is in, you will always know how fast they are going.


Kids tend to lie about their locations, especially if they are somewhere they have been told not to go. However, this feature lets parents keep a live track of wherever their child is. Parents won't have to be worried about their child's location which is a big relief.